Drop Off Ballots Only

From today to Election Day 5/16, you must drop off your ballot! 🇺🇸

Drop off locations:

Last Day to Mail Ballots

Last day to MAIL your ballot! 📬
Postmarks don’t count — it must be received by 5/16.
Remember to use a stamp!

Starting tomorrow you can drop it in a ballot drop box.


It’s easy to vote when you’ve met (almost) all the candidates you’re voting for. Only 8 more days to get your ballot in!

1 week

9 days until Election Day!

With my passion for public land and service on non-profit boards I have the background for Parks board member.

Pictured: Lauren and Nikki Roemmer, Central Oregon’s Regional Director for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters


10 Year Plan

“The District is developing a new 10 year plan. I will work to make our primary trails real transportation options for employees and customers who walk or bike to access businesses. I will ensure that the plan meets our needs within existing revenues and reflects our values.”

Bend Bikes

I support Bend Bikes in encouraging the City to invest in active transportation, including bicycle infrastructure to reduce pressure on our roads and increase safety for cyclists.

Pictured with board member Aron Yarmo.

Door to Door

I love discovering parks while canvassing. My family, friends, and I have distributed literature to 800+ doors as part of a bigger effort. More today!